The 5 Super Bowl Commercials We Loved

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Super Bowl LIV may have come to an end with the Kansas City Chiefs defeating the San Franciso 49ers, but the commercials that took up the time in between the action, will live on in our hearts. Many companies reached deep into their pockets to shell out an astronomical fee to air during the big game. However, only a few stood out among the rest.

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Here are our five favorite Super Bowl 2020 commercials.

5. Doritos – The Cool Ranch

Lil Nas X is taking is Old Town Road to a new level. The singer goes head to head with everyone’s favorite cowboy, Sam Elliott. But instead of having a gunfight at the OK Corral the two have a dance off for what else…Cool Ranch Doritos. Lil Nas X works his move and Sam Elliott keeps up every step of the way. It isn’t until Lil Nas X’s horse gets onto the dance scene that things take a turn. Sam looks over to his horse and the horse wants nothing to do with it. Hence, Lil Nas X wins the bag of Doritos. It all came down to a horse. “Who got next?” Lil Nas X says. But the Doritos brand didn’t stop their, they brought in Lil Nas X’s collaborator on “Old Town Road,” Billy Ray Cyrus. Cyrus is hanging out at a storefront playing his guitar. He responds to Lil Nas X saying, “I ain’t dancing.” And Lil Nas rides off into the sunset. Well done.


4. Hyundai Sonato – Smaht Pahk

Hyndai counted on star power to get their message heard and they hit it out of the park.  New England natives Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch played up the Boston accent with some hilarious banter. Though the r’s were missing throughout the commercial, their point was taken—The Hyundai Sonata has smart park, or as they say it in the commercial, “smaht pahk.” Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch are on the street talking about parking in a tight spot as John Krasinski pulls up to introduce the “smaht pahk” on his car. While the person before him couldn’t fit into the open spot, John gets out of his car, hits a button and the car parks itself.  Boston’s own Big Papi makes an appearance, giving the car his approval. “It’s wicked smaht,” he says.  Boston should be proud.


3. Snickers – Fix The World

Snickers used music and comedy to make their mark. In their 1 minute spot, Snickers takes a look at the world’s problems. “The world is out of sorts, we need to fix it quicker. We’re gonna fix the world by feeding it Snickers,” citizens of the world sing as they make their way to a large whole in the earth. After all, Snickers really satisfies and you’re not yourself until you have a Snickers right? So maybe feeding a giant sized Snickers to the world is exactly what we need. The citizens make their way to the hole as a helicopter drops a giant sized Snickers into a giant whole. After the Snickers is dropped into the whole, two influencer bloggers are making a video for their blog and they accidentally slip into the hole. Actor Luis Guzman steps up and says “The Snickers hole, it’s working,” and the crowd cheers. Maybe we do just need a Snickers after all.


Bill Murray brought us back to his famous role in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day for the hilarious Jeep commercial, that even saw the return of Ned (Stephen Harold Tobolowsky). Considering it was actually groundhog’s day on Feb. 2, the commercial was spot on. This time Bill was happy to wake up to be able to drive his Jeep Gladiator (In the movie it was a Chevy truck) with the groundhog by his side. While Bill was repeating the day, no adventure was the same. The ending tag line, “No Day is The Same In A Jeep Gladiator” gave the new groundhog day a fun twist. Kudos to Jeep for celebrating groundhog’s day.

1. Google

Google wins the night for pulling at our heartstrings and making us cry. In the commercial titled “Loretta,” the service took the emotional route. An elderly man uses Google Assistant to help him remember his wife Loretta and all the things they loved and did together. He begins with asking Google how not to forget and proceeds with asking Google to remember this for him. “Show me photos of me and Loretta,” he asks as adorable photos of the couple appear. He then asks Google to remember things about his love—”Remember she always snorted when she laughed.” After playing home videos of the couple, the man says “Remember I’m the luckiest man in the world.” If that doesn’t get you, we don’t know what will.