Alex Trebek Worries About Becoming a Burden to His Family During His Cancer Fight


Jeopardy host Alex Trebek continues to battle stage 4 pancreatic cancer with the resilience of a champion. But away from the cameras, Trebek says it’s his family that has helped him continue to win this battle.

But it hasn’t been easy.

In fact, during a new interview with Good Morning America, Trebek admits that he worries that he’s become a ‘burden’ to his wife Jean and their two kids.

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“There was one day a few weeks ago when Jeanie asked me in the morning, ‘How do you feel?’ And I said, ‘I feel like I wanna die.’ It was that bad,” Trebek revealed in the wide-ranging interview. “I apologize to her and explain that it has nothing to do with my love for her or my feelings for her. It just has to do with the fact that I feel like I’m a terrible burden to her. And that bothers me tremendously.”

Alex announced that he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in March 2019 in a video on social media.

“Just like 50,000 other people in the United States each year, this week I was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer,” he shared in the video.”Now normally, the prognosis for this is not very encouraging, but I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working. And with the love and support of my family and friends and with the help of your prayers also, I plan to beat the low survival rate statistics for this disease.”

Over the past year, Trebek has kept fans up to date on his prognosis, with videos about his health.

The latest interview on GMA had Trebek holding back tears just thinking of how strong his wife continues to be during the battle.

“I’m just in awe of the way she handles it,” he said.

Of course, Trebek also should get some kudos himself for how he is handling everything too, both personally and professionally. During another portion of his GMA interview, the longtime game show host even got a good chuckle as he revealed who he would like to take over once his days of hosting Jeopardy are through.

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“I joke with the audience all the time and I say, ‘Betty White,’ because they want somebody younger, somebody funnier,” said Trebek, who released his new memoir The Answer Is …Reflections on My Life, on Tuesday (July 21.).”Betty and I have been friends for a long, long time.”