Amanda Kloots Celebrates Son’s First Birthday While Husband Nick Cordero Remains Hospitalized

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Amanda Kloots celebrates son Elvis first birthday without Nick Cordero
Photos courtesy Amanda Kloots Instagram

If life was fair, Broadway star Nick Cordero should have been alongside his wife Amanda Kloots on Wednesday (June 10,) smiling and laughing as they watched their little boy Elvis Eduardo celebrate his first birthday.

But life, in fact, is never fair.

And for Cordero, he continues to live that realization as he battles the cruel aftershocks of coronavirus. But for Kloots, she was committed to giving little Elvis the best birthday possible, despite the continuing chaos of their collective lives.

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“First birthday… success!” Kloots exclaimed on her Instagram page alongside a happy pic of her little one. “I love this kid with all my heart. Happy Birthday Elvito! Thank you to everyone who helped to make this day special!


Just one day before, Kloots couldn’t hide her sadness over the fact that Cordero wouldn’t be there to celebrate with them.

“I’ll definitely be FaceTiming with Nick at some point,” Kloots said in an Instagram story. “It breaks my heart that Nick can’t be there — I literally can’t even talk about it because it makes me so sad.”

Amanda also shared a photo of Nick in the hospital when their son was born. IN the photo, Nick is by little Elvis’s side as he rests in an incubator.

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“When Elvis was born they rushed him right to the NICU because there was fluid in his lungs. He stayed there for two nights and Nick and I visited him all day. We couldn’t stop staring at him and eventually holding him. The NICU nurses are INCREDIBLE! It is amazing to witness what they do. My two Cordero men: last June Elvis is in the NICU. This June Nick is in the ICU. These guys are really trying to take me down 😂.”

Cordero, who has also appeared in the show Blue Bloods, has been in the hospital since April battling complications from the coronavirus (COVID-19.) And on Tuesday, the roller coaster known as recovery from this cruel sickness hit a bump in the road when Cordero spiked a fever.

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“They had to do a little bit of fixing of that and antibiotics,” she explained on an Instagram Story on Tuesday (June 9.). “Luckily, everything is back to normal today and that was just a little blip that can happen in ICU. I mean, anything can happen in ICU, but just a little blip but we’re back to normal. Things are going, I think, good. He’s stable and they’ll probably be looking at doing another, hopefully, CT scan of his lungs to see what kind of progress or if there’s further damage in his lungs.”

We are praying for this little family…forevermore.