“American Idol” Ended With a Crazy Plot Twist and We’re Here For It


Season 16 of “American Idol” has officially come to an end and boy, was that finale wild!

When we went into night no. 2 of the season 16 finale, it was down to Gabby Barrett, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, and Maddie Poppe and, unfortunately, Gabby was eliminated, leaving Caleb and Maddie in the Top 2.

Then, before Caleb and Maddie performed “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” together, Caleb revealed that he and Maddie are actually dating.

“Well, you know, Maddie’s like my best pal,” he said to Ryan Seacrest. “I’ve known her since the beginning of Hollywood Week, and you know, she, uh — she actually happens to be my girlfriend.”


After their performance, Ryan told them that they’d both earned a trip to Hawaii, which might seem romantic until you remember how young they are. Caleb said they’d probably bring their parents for supervision though, so I guess it’s still a win!

Then, after much anticipation, Maddie Poppe was named the season 16 winner of “American Idol!” See, I told you! Wild.