Well Trained Cats Steal the Show on “America’s Got Talent” Premiere


In this world, there is a deep divide between cat people and dog people. However, when season 13 of  “America’s Got Talent” premiered Tuesday night, they kicked off with a cat act that would win over the most ardent dog person.

The Savitsky Cats, a group of well-trained cats, were led by mother-daughter team from the Ukraine, who make a living training cats. As we all know, cats are independent creatures who do what they want, when they want. So when Marina and Svetlana brought out their cats to perform, the audience was skeptical.

However, as these cats jumped through hoops, walked on their hind legs and crawled upside down across a poles, the judges and audience were floored. The crowd rose to their feet in anticipation of the next trick, making the cat act the most exciting act of the night. 

For the finale, one cat scaled a long pole and jumped into it’s trainers arms from high above, causing the crowd to cheer and the judges to hand out four yeses to advance them to the next round. 

Mel B simply said, “Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant.” While Howie Mandel added, “I’ve never seen a cat do that. The beauty of this show is that people come from all over the world to show us things we’ve never seen before, and you did that.”  Even hardened Simon Cowell was impressed, saying “I feel with my dogs sometimes, I want to take them out to a show, this is a show I can take them to.” 

Your turn dogs.