Anne Hathaway Teaches Ellen’s Audience a Hilarious Lesson [Watch]

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She flipped the script! Anne Hathaway appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to reveal that Ellen is not the only one who has a knack for practical jokes.

It all seemed so innocent as Anne was discussing her 3-year-old son’s interests. But once Anne mentioned how he loved fruit, it set the prank into motion. She informed us about a meditation practice requiring a clementine.

Beginning her prank, Anne told a story about her family road trip where they stumbled upon a bookstore. “I found a book in there by this guy who used to be really big, called Dr. Q,” she recalls. “He wrote a book called ‘Citrus Healing,’ and it was all the ways that you can incorporate citrus into your life to kind of like, raise your health.”

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Providing the audience and Ellen with clementines of their own, Anne instructed them to peel the fruit and place it in their mouths. She demonstrated how they needed to control their breathing. The audience followed her instructions. After a couple minutes of the audience (and Ellen) following her instructions and practicing her “meditation techniques”, Anne questions if they feel any better.

Hysterically, some members of the audiences claimed they did. Hearing the audience’s answers, Anne decided it was her time to come clean. She proclaimed, “That’s impossible! I made the whole thing up.”

Not only did Anne fool Ellen, but also the entire audience and Twitch (the show’s DJ.)

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Ellen looked at Anne questioningly with the clementine still in her mouth—the entire audience erupts in laughter at their gullibility. Anne explained, “The takeaway of this is, do not put something in your mouth just because a celebrity tells you to.”

Because of the lesson she taught, you would think that the audience would be thanking her; instead, Anne thanked everyone for helping her accomplish one of her New Year’s resolutions. Because a resolution of hers for the year was to “use her fame to prank a whole lot of people at once.”

Congrats on the successful prank and the fulfilled resolution, Anne!