Arie Luyendyk Jr. Said He and Lauren Burham Are Still Trying to Decide If They Want a Televised Wedding or Not


Just as Becca Kurfin’s first official promo for “The Bachelorette” came out, Arie Luyendyk Jr. did an interview with “Entertainment Tonight” and shared what life is since fianceé Lauren Burnham moved in.

Lauren just moved into Arie’s home a couple of weeks ago, so wedding planning has just started and “We’re trying to see if we still wanna do the TV side of things or if we want to do it privately. Our parents are helping, too. Lauren’s mom is being a big help, and the planning’s going good. We always say we want a small wedding but then we keep looking at the guest list, and it keeps growing more and more every day, so it could be a big wedding.”

He also shared that living with Lauren is “really fun,” but he may like her dog more, “Her dog Dallas is so cute, and he gets along with my dog. We’re looking at houses, and it’s a really exciting time of life so for me, it’s been really cool.”