Arie Luyendyk Jr. Has Now Proposed To Two Different Women on TV Two Nights in a Row and 5 Things Wrong With That

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If you, like me, weren’t a fan of Arie Luyendyk Jr. on March 5, 2018, you probably really aren’t a fan of him now either. This guy, as they say, is a real piece of work.

After watching Arie perform a disastrous open heart surgery on Becca Kufrin just a few (television) minutes later after proposing to her one night on “The Bachelor,” we had to endure Arie getting on a plane and heading to Virginia Beach, Virginia to win back his actual one true love– Lauren Burnham. But, here’s what we didn’t see– Arie called Lauren a few weeks after his proposal to see if she was open to getting back together. When she said she would talk to him, he then decided to dump Becca.

I know very little about math, but I do believe this is the definition of having your cake and eating it too.

That one phone call led to yet another on-screen proposal for Arie and here’s everything wrong with that:

1. Arie was engaged, told his fiancé he needed to call his ex to get some closure, but really he needed to see if his ex would take him back. And though ABC had been duping the fiancé into filming much more of the happy couple than ever before, they didn’t make Arie film this phone call. Shady McShady under the shade tree.

arie becca bachelor


2. We learned that it took Arie some time to tell Becca about the phone call– Becca told Chris Harrison even after Arie told her about it, that they were looking for houses together. And then, Arie tried to explain.

Becca: “Why did you hide that from me for so long?”

Arie: “I didn’t want to be rash. I knew that there was all these feelings, and I wanted to be certain in my decision. And that wasn’t easy for me. You were working and we were apart … but that time was the time I needed to really square up my feelings.”


Oh. She was working, so you couldn’t tell her that you had figured out a plan to get eggshell paint in every room girl to get back with you while Becca was freezing her buns off in Minnesota dreaming of warming days in Scottsdale with you? Arie should’ve started lying at this point.

3. The awful breakup, that was filmed, made it seem like Arie had not talked to Lauren, when he had. He was breaking up with her because Lauren confirmed she’d be “right there waiting for youuuuuu.

Arie literally told Becca, “My biggest fear is that I go to Lauren and it doesn’t work out and that I risked it all.”

That is just wrong. Come on, ABC!

Arie Luyendyk Jr proposals


4. It was Arie’s choice to film the breakup on camera. Let that sink in. A producer for “The Bachelor,” confirmed this to “Entertainment Tonight.”

Of course he could have done it off camera if he wanted to! I think we certainly would have explained why … this still would have played out fairly similarly.

But, Arie told viewers and Chris Harrison and Becca, “”I think that the reason why I did it in the way that I did it was because I wanted everyone here and at home to know that this was on me. And it wasn’t on you.”

Once again, making it seem like Becca could be at fault for something. And still no footage of any phone calls with Lauren.

arie proposals the bachelor


5. During “After The Final Rose,” Becca had to face Arie. She got to ask him questions and he tried to explain. Then, ABC brought Lauren out and the couple claimed they did not watch the finale or any of the breakup footage. Which prompted Lauren to say, “The one thing that is present right now to me is just his bravery and his honesty, and I think that he did an amazing job at handling this whole thing. He couldn’t have gone about it in a more respectful way, and I’m really proud of him.”

arie lauren the bachelor


But, if he’s so(oooooooo) respectful why did he gleefully say things like, “I’m 1000 percent over Becca” as Becca was watching and then propose to Lauren in front of Becca. This guy just doesn’t work on a level that most other humans do.

During his proposal to Lauren he said, “I love you so much, and I want to do this in front of everyone, because I want to show you that I should’ve done this a long time ago.”

arie proposals the bachelor


Why didn’t he just stab Becca on live TV? Would’ve been less painful to watch, probably.

Basically, Arie did everything wrong and that’s not a great way to start out a long-term relationship. And if they don’t film Arie and Lauren’s eventual breakup, I will revolt.

Throughout 22 seasons of “The Bachelor,” (that doesn’t count any of the spinoffs) we’ve seen ABC do a lot of shady stuff, but this tops the list. And making Becca the next Bachelorette doesn’t make any of this right– remember when they flew her ex to Peru? This girl needs should sue them.