Bachelor Nation Was Not Happy With Peter Weber’s “Ghost” Parody and They Let it Be Known


Bachelor Nation got a surprise during the Oscars on Sunday night (Feb. 9.) The Bachelor debuted a new commercial starring their very own star, Peter Weber.

In the commercial, Peter is shirtless for a parody of a scene from the 1990 hit film Ghost, starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. Remember that sexy scene where the two lovers (one a ghost) sit at the pottery wheel to spin some clay. Yeah, how can you forget?

Well, The Bachelor thought it would be fun to put Peter in that situation, except instead of having one girl behind him, he had a lot of hands caressing his body.  Just then, Whoopi Goldberg, who also starred in Ghost, comes in to say, “Peter, you in danger boy.” She must be watching The Bachelor. 

Guess what? Bachelor Nation was not impressed. They shared their thoughts about the clip and they got real.

But first, for those who missed it, check out the clip. Then see if you agree with all the comments that followed.

1. “So Creepy”

2. WHY?

3. “Who signed off on this”

4. Washing their eyes out with Clorox

5. “Oh my gosh what is this? I didn’t think any season could be worse than Ari’s season… but then, then we have Peter”

6. “Is anyone on the show even OLD enough to have seen Ghost?????”

7. “How many hands does Hannah B have?”

8. “What. No. Delete this and let’s pretend it never happened.”

9. “Only because Pilot Pete is as dumb as celery and his decisions make me want to throw my shoe at the TV!! My GOOD shoe!”

10. “Are you sure you didn’t accidentally air a commercial for a horror movie though?”

11. “Ok.. but like why is this so creepy?”

12. A ‘Friends’ reference— “Oh! My Eyes! MY EYES!!!”