The New Bachelorette is Revealed and Twitter Has Something to Say About It

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It’s official! The Bachelor has stepped out of their routine box and announced the new Bachelorette before the latest season of The Bachelor was over.

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That meant only one thing. The newest bachelorette was not from Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. That theory was confirmed Monday morning (March 2) with the announcement that 38-year-old Clare Crowley would be the next Bachelorette.

We first met Clare in 2014 during Juan Pablo’s season of The Bachelor. She was known for giving him a piece of her mind at the end of that season.

“I thought I knew what kind of man you were,” she told Juan Pablo. “What you just made me go through, I’d never want my children having a father like you.” Ouch!

Clare later joined seasons 1 & 2 of Bachelor in Paradise to find love, but came up empty in that journey. After making another go of it in 2018 on The Bachelor Winter Games, Clare met and became engaged to French-Canadian Benoit Beauséjour-Savard. They decided to call off the engagement months later.

That brings us to 2020 as Clare continues to look for love. Fans familiar with the dating reality season are used to the new Bachelorette being chosen from the previous The Bachelor season. But since there has been much talk about Peter’s women being so young, the franchise took it in another direction and chose a woman who is actually ready to settle down.

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However, there is much talk about the new pick on Twitter, with many excited about the choice but others not so interested in watching an “older” woman find love.

“Clare as The Bachelorette coming in to absolute OBLITERATE these 22 year old Instagram influencers. What a legendary move. #TheBachelorette,” one user wrote.

“I’m excited to see her take another shot at love within the franchise. I think she knows what she wants, won’t take any BS, and will be open & vulnerable. ..and hopefully we’ll get some older guys in the pipeline,” another added.

“A 38 year old Bachelorette… yes yes YASSSSSS!!! Clapping hands sign,” wrote another fan.

For the most part the reaction to Clare was positive, however, there were those who are not happy with the idea.

Making Clare Crawley the bachelorette is has actually solidified my theory that bachelor producers have 2 brain cells. Lets have a bunch of mid 40yr old men date 38yr old Clare just so we have middle aged men ready to date the infants from Pete’s season for BIP #thebachelorette.”

“And just like that I am *officially* not watching this season of the bachelorette!.” added another.

Either way, we wish Clare the best of luck in her journey for love. Until then, you can see who Peter ends up with on The Bachelor when it airs Monday nights on ABC.