“Pickler & Ben’s” Ben Aaron Opens Up About Life With New Baby Boy


“Pickler & Ben” host Ben Aaron and his wife, ABC’s chief meteorologist Ginger Zee, just welcomed their second baby boy together, Miles, and he’s as cute as could be!

On a recent episode of “Pickler & Ben,” Kellie Pickler asked Ben how everyone is adjusting to life with the new baby–especially Ginger and their older son, Adrian. “Everything is good,” he said. “[Ginger] is doing great– the day after she was like doing squats. She has like a baby breastfeeding and doing curls in the other hand.”

Of course, he shared that their son Adrian has been a little jealous of baby Miles– especially around feeding time. “When it comes to feeding, he’s like ‘Who’s this kid on mommy’s boob? Who is this new creature? Don’t touch mommy like that.’ He gets a little possessive of the boob.”

He then shared a hilarious video of Adrian saying “I want to eat a booby” over and over again.

“I can’t wait to see what Ginger thinks about this show,” Kellie joked after Ben shared the video. Classic!