Ben Higgins Revealed That His Relationship with Lauren Bushnell Ended Because He’s Too Sensitive and Reactionary

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It's been over a year, but Ben Higgins really wants to share why his relationship with Lauren Bushnell ended.

Ben Higgins famously proposed to Lauren Bushnell during season 20 of “The Bachelor,” just days after telling another woman he loved her (too). However, the relationship between the two seemed to work, until like all other relationships from the show, it didn’t. The pair called off their engagement over a year ago, but Ben is now sharing what he thinks really caused the breakup.

Why this is happening 2 years after being on the show and a year after calling it quits– who knows, but Ben does seem to be genuinely trying to share information, while also trying to promote his coffee company.

Ben told “Entertainment Tonight,” “It’s so easy to be the victim… and so when you start looking inward and saying, ‘OK, what exactly did I do that affected this breakup or this relationship negatively?’ [and] for me, it’s my reactions towards things. I have routines and consistencies in my life that for anybody else to come in and change that, for me, I was holding on to them way too close. So I have to become less reactionary.”

He also went on to say, “The other part of this [is] I’m too sensitive. I just get so sensitive sometimes and that affects just my normal relationships because I doubt all the time in the back of my head, you know, is this relationship for real? Do they really like me? Do they really care? Or let’s throw another one out there, do they really love me?” he continued. “That’s something I have to give up, because when I start to get in my own head about that, I start to push the person away.”