“America’s Got Talent’s” Bianca Ryan Returns to the Stage Following Health Troubles

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Back in 2006, singer Bianca Ryan was just an 11-year-old singer vying for America’s heart. And she did just that, becoming the very first winner of the much-loved talent competition America’s Got Talent.

She looked like she had a bright future ahead of her. But then, she disappeared…and now we know why.

“After America’s Got Talent, my life was a total whirlwind,” she said on Monday (Jan. 7) as she returned to perform “Wild Horses” on the AGT spinoff series The Champions. “I was touring, I was doing music videos. Then after a few years, I noticed my voice just wasn’t working with me. I finally went to an EMT, and he was like, ‘Basically, one of your vocal cords is paralyzed. You’re gonna need surgery and there is a chance you’ll never be able to sing again.”

Ryan said that the moment made her feel as her life was crashing down around her, and soon after, she began to feel her chance of stardom slipping away.

But now, she’s back. And while she didn’t get voted into the top 2, she has reminded all of us what a talent she still is.

“I have been working a lot the last year and a half to just make this comeback,” Ryan continued. “I lived 12 years in shadows, and I’m ready to see the light again.”