Brad Pitt Gives His Take on the Weather For John Krasinki’s “Some Good News” Show


As the world continues to remain quarantined due to the spread of the coronavirus, Hollywood stars have been looking for ways to kill some time. John Krasinki created his own you tube show called Some Good News, where he reports on all the good news going on, instead of the awful news we are inundated with day in and day out.

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Some Good News has been just what the doctor ordered. John has share stories of people around the country doing good deeds, including Britain’s Captain Tom Moore who set out to raise 1000 pounds by doing laps on his walker around the garden to give to NHS charities. Captain Moore ended up raising 20 million pounds for his 10 laps. Now, that’s some good news.  But it was when John enlisted the help of A-list actor Brad Pitt to give us an update on the weather. And what an update it was.

“I’m gonna need a second to catch my breathe,” John said during the show. “we should do a check on the weather. Brad how’s it looking out there?”

That’s when the cameras captured Brad Pitt peaking out his window. “It looks pretty good,” the Oscar winners said. “Yeah.”

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And that’s all we needed. Weather is pretty good and John is shared good news. What more could we want?

You can check out Brad’s brief weather update at the 6:55 mark.