Britney Spears Makes Hilarious Return to The Set of “Fallon”

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You have to hand it to singing superstar Britney Spears – she has been through her share of challenges and pitfalls while trying to live a life in the spotlight, but she continues on.

And yes, she has no trouble having fun through it all.

Appearing on Thursday’s episode (July 26) of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Spears played the character of Abby, who returns from camp to visit her buddy Sara, played by none other than Ewww-creator Jimmy Fallon.

While on the couch in Sara’s very pink basement and between taking a call from her annoying stepfather Gary, the two camp buddies with the ponytails and too much eye makeup did everything from play a session of Fashion Freeze to talking about returning to camp next year.

“I’m not sure,” Abby says. “I mean, we’d be the oldest campers there.”

“We’re still too young to be counselors,” Sara adds. “We’re stuck between two worlds. It’s like, I’m not a girl…”

And yes, then Abby, hence Spears, sings ‘not yet a woman,’ referring to her hit song.

The two finish off the hilarious sketch with a quick question/answer speed round, where Abby demonstrates her over the top dislike for sundried tomatoes and squishies, but her love for Steve Carell and of course, Las Vegas, where Spears will start up a residency again in 2019 inside the Monte Carlo resort.