Cher Eats Cow Tongue and Dried Caterpillar During Game of “Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts” on “Late Late Show”

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When James Corden took his “Late Late Show” to London, he brought out the big guns. The talk show host invited pop icon Cher to Central Hall Westminster stage to promote her new movie, “Mama Mia! Here We Go Again.”

While she was there James took the opportunity to get the “TK singer to play a game of Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts. The premise of the game is that the celebrity will be asked several personal questions, they can either answer the questions or choose to eat something nasty from the table. 

The choices du jour were a few United Kingdom delicacies, especially for Cher. They included Stargazy pie, dried caterpillar, a cow tongue—to which Cher remarked, “I would rather rat out my mother than eat that”—a deep friend candy bar, scorpion, Haggis (sheep’s heart, liver and lungs encased in sheep’s stomach), fish and chips and mushy peas smoothie and a thousand year old egg.

James went first, having to eat the thousand year old egg if he didn’t answer the question. The question?  Who was the drunkest person at the royal wedding? Just like that James chose to fill his guts with the egg instead of answering the question. Gross.

Then it was Cher’s turn. If Cher didn’t answer her question she would have to eat dried caterpillar. Her question was…You have said Tom Cruise was one of your top five favorite lovers. Who were the other four? After much laughter and applause from the crowd, Cher immediately opted to eat the caterpillar. 

In the game, not one question was answered. Both has opted to eat the disgusting items. The last round had Cher face-to-face with the cow’s tongue. While earlier she said she’d rather rat out her own mother than eat the tongue, she just couldn’t bring herself to answer the last question. Say one nice thing about President Donald Trump. Instead, she chose to take a bite of the tongue. 

This game should have just been called fill your guts. No spilling was done.