Chris Hemsworth Gets Quite a Scare Thanks To Ellen [Watch]


If you play Thor on the big screen, you would think that nothing could scare you, right? Well, when Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, he got quite a scare.

Ellen is known for scaring such guests as Carrie Underwood, Kerri Washington, Jennifer Lopez and more. While Chris was out promoting his new movie Avengers: Endgame, Ellen couldn’t let him go without adding him to her list of conquests.

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The set up was quite good. Ellen got Chris talking about all the animals he had. She even showed a clip of his little chickens to put him off guard. That’s when she asked the question, “What does scare you.” That should have given it away, but Chris did not catch on.

“Vending machines?” he joked. “Talk shows?”

There’s not one? Think of one animal? Ellen said.

“That scares me, that I wouldn’t want to be in a room with?” Chris said before trying to think. Just then and mouse jumped out of the table and scared Chris. And he got him good.

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“You almost punched that guy,” Ellen laughed.

“I did not at all punch it, I went straight to retreat, retreat,” Chris shared.

Now we know that Thor has a fear of mice. We’ll keep that in mind.