Chrissy Metz Reveals Which “This Is Us” Episode Has Been The Hardest to Film


If you’re caught up to speed on “This Is Us,” you know that in two (going on three) seasons, Chrissy Metz’s character has gone through seemingly every human emotion possible.

In an interview with Today, Chrissy Metz revealed which episode and storyline has been the hardest and most intense for her to film and, as a viewer, I have to say I can’t blame her.

“The most intense moments for me to shoot in season three so far probably have been the Toby-centric episode, where we discover that he’s been off his depression medication,” she said.

Again, if you’re caught up on the latest “This Is Us” episodes, you know that this refers to when Kate finds out she’s expecting and, in a quick turn, has to help Toby as he’s been off of his depression medicine in hopes of making their conception possible.

“I knew what was coming, of course. That he was going to have this breakdown. And that I had to be in a completely different space, because I was just breaking the news that Kate was officially pregnant,” she said. “And then, of course, in true ‘This Is Us’ fashion, you can’t have the joy without the pain.”

Heard that.

Chrissy went on to share what she thinks made the shift so difficult for not only her as an actress but for viewers who feel emotionally invested in the storyline.

“I think that with Kate and Toby, because he has been the rock for her for so long, that obviously she’s learned from him, but also that she has been really making strides in her grief and the pain and the guilt around her father’s death, and that there’s been such a healing,” she said.

“And so then she can really show up for Toby. And I think that we’re definitely going to see that, because Toby’s dealing with his depression and with the medication and what does that mean for their marriage and then the start of their family? So yeah, she’s going to have to really step up to the plate and be there for him in ways she’s never even showed up for herself.”

You can view Chrissy’s full interview with Today here.