Chrissy Teigen Sticks Up for Hubby John Legend and Strikes Back Against Sharon Osbourne

Chrissy Teigen sticks up for husband John Legend baby it's cold outside song
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No one sticks up for their man quite like Chrissy Teigen.

So when Sharon Osbourne went and made some disparaging comments about hubby John Legend’s new version of the classic Christmas carol “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” Teigen was the first to strike back.

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“Sharon’s always going to have something to say, it’s her job,” Tiegen told Entertainment Tonight on Saturday (Nov. 9.) “I remember those days of getting to talk sh*t for money. It’s very fun.”

Osbourne’s comments had to do with the lyrical changes recently made by Legend and fellow Voice coach Kelly Clarkson.

And let’s just say, Osbourne wasn’t happy.

“What would John Legend do, if in 40 years, if somebody wanted to… re-record one of his songs, and there was some group that found it offensive, and somebody just went, ‘Oh, I can change the lyrics on that,'” Osbourne said on a recent episode of The Talk. “It’s, to me, like a master painting.It’s a piece of art. To change an innocent lyric, to what is it, ‘Your mind and your body?’ What the hell are you on? That’s ridiculous.”

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“I mean, it makes sense,” Teigen added. “I’m obviously down for a lyric change.”

Dean Martin’s daughter, Deana, also spoke out against the lyric change, telling Good Morning America “You do not change the lyrics to the song. I think what he’s done is, he’s stealing the thunder from [composer] Frank Loesser’s song and from my dad. He should write his own song if he doesn’t like this one, but don’t change the lyrics. It’s a classic, perfect song.”

There you go.