Clay Aiken and Ian Ziering Face Off in Epic Rap Battle on “Drop The Mic”


It was the battle of the nice guys. American Idol’s Clay Aiken faced off against Beverly Hills 90210’s Ian Ziering in a epic rap battle on Drop the Mic.

Hosted by Method Man and Hailey Beiber, the show pits celebrities against each other to rap it out. Each celeb takes a turn to hilariously rip their opponent apart with their crafty words. Method man introduced the two contestants saying, “If these two have beef, we know there is no seasoning in it,” alluding to their bland personas.

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In the latest episode, Ian Ziering  kicked off the battle with some low blows. “I’m so excited to meet Clay Aiken, if you ever heard that before, brother you’re mistaken. I hoped since Idol you truly grew a pair, because you still have no ability to grow facial hair. First I thought you were my daughter, I was panicking. A grown ass man looking like a gap kids mannequin.”

Clay was not phased by the ribbing. He took it in stride and landed some of his own insults. “Ian Ziering used to be an actor with tons of fame, now he’s just a guy who can’t pronounce his own name. Cause since 2001 his careers been iffy, unless you count Sharknado one through fifty. By the way those are movies where no celebs survive which is why Ian Ziering has made it through fine. Big news for the cast of 90210, Brian Austin Green’s no longer the worst rapper on the show.”

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When he finished his verse, Clay threw out the ultimate smackdown calling Ian a b****. “Take that b****,” Clay said.

“Did Clay Aiken call me a b****,” Ian asked. He did Ian, he did.

It only got more insulting from there, when Ian took a shot at Clay’s manhood. But it was all in good fun. In the end, Method Man had the final decision. The winner of the rap battle between Clay and Ian was none other than Clay Aiken.

Maybe next time Ian.