Colton Underwood Explains Why He Jumped the Fence on “The Bachelor”


When Colton Underwood jumped the fence in the most recent episode of “The Bachelor,” fans went into a frenzy wondering where he was going, would he be found and would the show now come to end.

Needless to the say, the show must go on and Colton has been found. His appearance on Tuesday night’s (March 5) episode of “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All” put all worries to rest.

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Good Morning America caught up with the bachelor to during the filming to get to the bottom of the fence jump. When they asked Colton where he was going when he jumped the fence, the 27-year-old revealed he had no idea.

“In that moment, after I jumped the fence, I didn’t know,” Colton said. “That’s why I jumped the fence. I just needed time to myself. I needed to get away and just figure things out. Try to figure things out.”

Cassie broke Coltons hear when during their fantasy suite date, she informed him that she was confused and didn’t know if she could get to feeling about him the way he felt about her. In essence, Cassie ended the relationship and decided to leave the show.

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The problem was that Colton was in love with Cassie and wanted her to be the one. Sooo, now what happens with Tayshia and Hannah G who are still waiting to see if Colton has chosen them? We’ll have to tune in to “The Bachelor” on Monday night (March 11) to find out what happens next. Is the show over? Are Cassie and Colton really together now?

“I think that’s one thing realizing that people don’t get to see in it’s entirety is like we aren’t just people putting this television show on,” Colton said.  “We’re human beings. This is the rest of my life that I’m talking about and you’re watching me make decisions that are going to impact me for the rest of my life.”