‘The Bachelor’ Colton Underwood Reveals Just What He Did in the Fantasy Suite


If you know anything about The Bachelor, you know that a crucial point of the show occurs within the fantasy suite. And this season, since The Bachelor Colton Underwood has been very open about being a virgin, his overnight date is much anticipated.

So, what exactly did he do in the fantasy suite?

Well, Underwood isn’t talking about any specifics, but in an interview Tuesday (Jan. 15) with Jimmy Kimmel, he did say he did make sure that there were no recording devices in the room.

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“You’re mic’d until you open up the door and then right when you get to the other side of the door they de-mic you,” Underwood explained. “They take it off, but I checked the rooms.”

Indeed, Underwood sounds as if he is getting a tad aggravated already with the direction of the show, which seems to be solely focusing on his virginity.

“I mean, I feel like for the longest time what The Bachelor‘s been known for is the journey for love and I think they’re trying to angle it somewhere else this season,” Underwood quipped on the late night talk show.

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“You know if you come out of this thing—I mean people have been driving you nuts with this virgin thing—if you come out of this thing and you’re still a virgin you might as well just never have sex ever,” Kimmel added. “You might as well forget it all together.”