Darci Lynne Sends Her Love to Tornado Ravaged Nashville: ‘My Heart is Broken’


Growing up in Oklahoma, famed ventriloquist and singer Darci Lynne knows what its like when a tornado is roaring your way.

“One time we were about to get in the storm shelter and we were standing outside of it just in case and we saw a tornado form like a mile from our house in the sky,” the America’s Got Talent Season 12 winner told One Country just hours after the Nashville area was rocked by a devastating series of tornados on Monday (March 2.) “The tornado never touched down, but it was so scary. We have a lot of them here in Oklahoma.”

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And while Darci Lynne has never been in a tornado herself, she knows the fear and shock that her beloved friends in Music City must be going through right now. And while Darci Lynne currently finds herself prepping to get back on the road as part of her ongoing 2020 leg of her hugely successful “Fresh Out of the Box” National Tour, she says she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Nashville since she heard the dreadful news.

“I’ve been to Nashville a couple of times now and they have been so welcoming and kind to me and so supportive of me over the years,” says Darci Lynne, who made her stage debut at the Grand Ole Opry back in 2018. “I’ve loved coming back every time so my heart is broken for them right now. I understand what they are going through. I’m definitely going to keep them in my prayers.”

Darci Lynne is scheduled to return to Tennessee on March 29 for a show in Chattanooga.