Dr. Phil Takes on James Corden in Epic “Drop the Mic” Rap Battle and Things Got Pretty Insulting

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Most people know Dr. Phil as the assertive talk show host that helps people with their personal issues. What we didn’t know was that Dr. Phil was also a rapper. Well, not really, but he put his rapping skills to the test, taking part in the TBS series “Drop the Mic,” which pits celebs against each other in epic rap battles. 

Dr. Phil was set to face off against James Corden, host of the “Late, Late Show with James Corden.” This was not James’ first foray onto the show, but it was for Dr.Phil. The two talk show hosts went head-to-head in an rap battle that got downright nasty. But that’s the point of the show, right?

“He’s made millions of dollars and that seems unfair, he can buy whatever he wants, except for hair, James started off with a bang. I respect his career he’s too hard to pass, I’m surprised you could rap with your head up Oprah’s [email protected]#.” Ouch!

But Dr. Phil wasn’t taking things lying down. Although his rhythm was a little awkward the good ol’ doc let James have it. 

You just had a baby, is that really true I was just about to ask when you were due,” Dr. Phil said going after James’ weight. You’re a big producer and a huge loser, only dude I know puts burgers in a juicer.”

And it just go worse from there. Gotta love “Drop The Mic.”