Duane “Dog” Chapman Expresses Sadness Facing First Wedding Anniversary Without Late Wife Beth

Duane Dog Chapman misses late wife Beth on Anniversary
Photo courtesy Duane Chapman Instagram

It was June 2019 when Beth Chapman lost her battle with throat cancer at the age of 51. And from that moment on, Duane Lee Chapman has been mourning his dear wife’s death. But some days are harder than most.

One of those rougher days occurred on Wednesday (May 20) as he recognized the date of him and Beth’s wedding anniversary.

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“She said, ‘Big Daddy, you’re going to be so sad when I am not here on our next anniversary,’” said the man known best as Dog the Bounty Hunter in a heartfelt Instagram post alongside a pic of the pair dining at a restaurant. “Why did she have to be so right ??”

Indeed, Beth has been much on the mind of Chapman as of late, as he shared another Instagram post recently that touched on the grief he is still feeling over the loss.

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“I am DOG Chapman chiracahua Apache,” the 67-year-old wrote alongside a selfie that his late wife once took. “The best Bounty Hunter in the world I am the husband of Beth Chapman and I miss her so much.”

Of course, all of this comes at the same time Chapman has announced that he is currently engaged to girlfriend Francie Frane.

“I would love to have the biggest wedding there’s ever been,” Chapman said in a recent interview. “I’m sorry but that’s just me. I hope I can talk Francie into it and open it to my fans, the ‘Dog Pound,’ to everybody. It would be one hell of a party and its just what people need right now.”