Ellen DeGeneres Remakes “Frozen 2” Trailer With a Special Addition [Watch]


Disney released the trailer for Frozen 2 earlier this week and it looks like Ellen DeGeneres felt like there was something missing. The talk show host took it upon herself to make a change to the trailer that included someone special

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In a new trailer straight from Ellen herself, Queen Elsa (Idina Menzel) uses her ice powers to fight the waves to escape from an island. This is when a new character appears in the water. Guess who? You got it, Dory makes an appearance in the vast ocean.

“Hi I’m Dory, Hi,” she says popping up and down in the ocean. “I love your hair, that is some pretty hair. Do you blow dry that hair? It’s really really pretty. Oh big wave, big wave.”

As the two make it through the wave together, Dory keeps talking incessantly, like she does.

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“It looks good in the water, out of the water. Whoop, slippery rock. You don’t want to talk about your hair, I get it. I’m gonna let it go. Ok, well just keep swimming,” she says following Elsa through the water.

And here’s the kicker. In the end, Dory has the perfect closing line. “Gosh it’s cold, I’m frozen, are you frozen too?” Get it, Frozen 2? Well done, Ellen.