Ellen DeGeneres Tries to Get Gwen Stefani To Admit She’s Engaged To Blake Shelton

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Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to go where no talk show host dares to go. When Gwen Stefani appeared on her show on Tuesday (Dec. 4), Ellen began to prod the singer about her relationship with Blake.

While on the topic of Blake’s Sexiest Man title, Ellen took it a step further by asking Gwen if Blake got better in bed when he got the title?

“Oh my God,” Gwen said, shocked by the question. “I feel like she needs to try and take it to the next level every time I come with Blake.” Gwen did say that she thought Blake got sexier after losing his title to Idris Elba, who was named Sexiest Man of the Year for 2018.

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Ellen didn’t stop there. The seasoned host tried to trick Gwen into giving some information that the public is waiting for. But Gwen didn’t bite.

“So Blake told me that y’all are engaged now,” Ellen prodded.

“No he didn’t, No, we’re not. No we’re not,” she repeated. “What are you talking about. We’re not. We’re not engaged. We’re not married and he’s my boyfriend still.”

As for when they will get married, Gwen doesn’t know. She quickly changed the topic to her Christmas video with Blake and just like that they moved on.