Ellen Releases Hilarious “This Is Us” Spoof, “This Is Onions”

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If you watch “This Is Us,” you know that tears are pretty much guaranteed with every episode. As it turns out, Ellen DeGeneres is just as big of a “This Is Us” fan as the rest of us— so, in true Ellen fashion, she created her own spoof of the show, lovingly called “This Is Onions.”

It starts out with Ellen wearing a long brown wig, cutting up onions at a kitchen counter when Justin Hartley (who plays Kevin in the real “This Is Us”) enters.

“Ethan, I need to tell you about your real father,” she tells him.

“So you’re saying that the father I believed was my father my entire life isn’t actually my real father?” he questions.

“No, no — it’s him…I don’t know why I used that phrase. I should’ve just said your father,” Ellen replies.

“So my real father is my real father?”

“Uh huh…I saw him at the grocery store today when I was buying the onions,” she says as she breaks out into sobs.

And it only gets more hilarious from there as they both age into grey-haired characters and bring up the dreaded slow-cooker…