Old Videos of Gabby Barrett Prove She Was Always Destined To Be a Star

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Gabby Barrett is officially in the Top 3 on “American Idol” and if her last few performances are any indication of what’s to come, she’s got a really good shot at winning the whole thing.

Gabby is an 18-year-old Pennsylvania native and one of eight children, who has always dreamed of becoming a singer. Before making her debut on national TV, Gabby told WTAE that she loves Carrie Underwood, but “I want to kind of bring a Whitney Houston into country.”

While on the show, she’s done that. But even before becoming a star, Gabby was playing to crowds in Pittsburgh and wowing audiences much bigger than most.

She was destined to make it.

“My Heart Will Go On”


“I Will Always Love You”


“Before He Cheats”