Garbage Man Doug Kiker Wins Over All Three Judges During Emotional American Idol Audition


American Idol began it’s 18th season Sunday night (Feb. 16) and left us with a multitude of talent. One such talent was 27-year-old garbage man Doug Kiker, who has no experience with singing at all.

“I don’t have any. I sing on the back of a garbage truck, that’s all,” Doug told the judges during his audition.

As the audition began, Lionel was amazed that Doug had no experience at all. Doug revealed that he wouldn’t even know how to warm up his voice. So to help the garbage man out, the pop star sent Doug out to Ryan Seacrest to have a little warm up session.

“He told me to warm up real quick. I didn’t even sing. I don’t know what I’m doing. How am I going to warm up?” Doug asked Ryan. Ryan took him away for 15 minutes and brought him back ready for the audition.

When asked why he was auditioning for the show, Doug replied, “For my two-year-old daughter Eliana Elizabeth Kiker. Trying to show her if you put your mind to it, there’s nothing you can’t do.” And after getting distracted by Katy Perry’s beauty, Doug was ready for his audition.

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The song he chose was Rascal Flatts’ “Broken Road.” After he finished, Katy wanted to hear more. While Doug didn’t know how to find his range, Luke jumped in to help out, playing piano. Luke asked Doug to hit the higher note and Doug followed along.

“Can you hit that note,” Luke asks, singing the song.

“I can try,” Doug replies and he continues on.

The judges were impressed with Doug’s potential and made the decision to send Doug through to Hollywood.

“I’m a fan of the garbage man,” Luke said.”

“Doug did you understand what you just did?” Lionel asked.

“Not really, ” Doug said.

“That’s the beauty of it,” added Ryan.

“Hey Doug,” Katy called out to him before he left. “That wasn’t garbage. That was greatness.”:

Welcome to Hollywood Doug the garbage manWatch Doug’s audition below.