Oscar Awards Director, Glenn Weiss, Proposes to Girlfriend During Emmy Awards Acceptance Speech

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all at an award show, think again. After winning the award for outstanding directing for a variety special for his work on the 2018 Oscar awards, Glenn Weiss, brought a little life to the Emmy awards by proposing to his girlfriend on stage.

Glenn began his acceptance speech thanking his late mother and then he turned to his girlfriend of 10 years, Jan Svendsen, the chief creative officer at the Charity Network.

“You wonder why I don’t like to call you my girlfriend, because I’d like to call you my wife,” Glenn said from the stage. The crowd of A-list TV stars rose to their feet and erupted in applause. Jan was obviously surprised by the look of shock on her face.

As she began to head toward the stage, Glenn jumped in saying, “I didn’t ask yet.” But once Jan hit the stage Glenn presented his girlfriend with his late mother’s ring. “This is the ring that my dad put on my mom’s finger sixty seven year ago.” And in a moment of levity, Glenn turned to the cameras to let his siblings know he had permission to take the ring.

“And to my sisters and brothers, I didn’t swipe it, Dad knows I have it, OK,” he joked.

Glenn then went on to put the ring on Jan’s finger and ask for her hand in marriage, as he got down on one knee. Of course, Jan said yes and the couple shared a kiss.

“Thank you to the Academy,” Glenn said as the happy couple went off stage to enjoy the rest of their night, giving the Emmy’s the excitement it needed.