Hannah G Opens Up About “The Bachelor” — “It Didn’t Go The Way I Wanted it To”


Hannah G was heart broken when Colton Underwood broke up with her prior to the fantasy suite date on “The Bachelor” Tuesday night (March 12), during the finale. But the 23-year-old has mended her heart and has a positive outlook as she sat down for an in-depth interview with Access.

“It didn’t go the way that I wanted it too but I learned so much,” Hannah said. “Overall I would do it eight million times again because when do you get the chance to make yourself a priority? And love a priority. I never had time for that but this allowed me the chance to do that.”

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Hannah G was one of three ladies left vying for Colton’s heart. She was awaiting her fantasy suite date when Colton went awol by jumping over a fence after being dumped by another contestant, Cassie. Colton professed his love for Cassie, wanting her to be the winner. He ended up going to Hannah G’s suite and breaking her heart.

After having her heart broken, Hannah had to appear on “The Bachelor” finale to face Colton again and maybe get some closure. The first thing that ran through Hannah’s mind upon seeing Colton walk out during the finale was “Oh Crap,” she revealed.

“It’s kind of like a nightmare I was looking forward to the closure from it but imagine a really, really hard memory and having to watch it,” Hannah revealed. “It was hard and it wasn’t fun. But I can say that I’m glad I did it and I felt empowered and I’m glad that I got some of those ‘what ifs’ cleared up.”

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The Alabama native went on to talk about Colton’s connection with Cassie, the fantasy date that never happened, and dealing with the aftermath of the heartbreak and the show.

“It did show me how strong I could be,” Hannah said. “It tested my limits a lot, watching it every week. I definitely kind of found something in me, to be like, ‘I can handle things and I can speak my mind.’