Kelly Clarkson Sang Alicia Keys to Win Over Hannah Goebel on “The Voice” (And It Worked)


The Block is alive and well on “The Voice” and unfortunately, the dream Hannah Goebel had of working with the talented and surreal Alicia Keys is not. As Goebel launched into Keys’ own “If I Ain’t Got You,” Keys was visibly giddy, as were the three other coaches.





After waiting a normal amount of time to hit her button, Keys gleefully sang along with Goebel, turned her chair around and saw that she was blocked from Goebel thanks to the new rule and coach Kelly Clarkson.

As Clarkson exclaimed, “She’s singing Alicia Keys, I stand no chance in this, so I had to block her,” which prompted coach Adam Levine to tell Goebel, “Your dreams were crushed today.”

From there, an all-out bidding war between Clarkson, Levine and Blake Shelton erupted. Keys did confirm that Goebel wanted to be on her team before Clarkson said, “I think since I used my only block for the entire season on Hannah Goebel… I live in Nashville… I’m just saying… I know Alicia Keys, you can talk to her, if you’re on my team, too… I can’t hide passion, y’all.”

For a few seconds, Clarkson stopped talking, but just to sing a little bit of “If I Ain’t Got You” to Goebel, which was the final nail in the coffin for Levine and Shelton.

Goebel is totally #TeamKelly.