Hoda Kotb Breaks Down in Tears Live on the “Today” Show Following Interview With Drew Brees (WATCH)

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Hoda Kotb breaks down on television over drew brees coronavirus donation
Photo by Tammie Arroyo / AFF-USA.com

Hoda Kotb can’t hold back the tears.

After days of holding down the fort on the set of the Today show amidst the continued spreading of the coronavirus, the beloved television host couldn’t help but break down live on air Friday morning (March 27.)

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The emotional moment came following a discussion with legendary football player Drew Brees, as he and his wife announced that they were making a $5-million-dollar donation to the state of Louisiana in their ongoing fight against the quick spread of the coronavirus.

“The state of Louisiana thrives on small businesses,” the current New Orleans Saints quarterback said during the interview. “We’re a hospitality state, and so many people have been affected by this around the country but especially in New Orleans. So when Brittany and I think about one of New Orleans’ [residents’] basic needs, that is to make sure that they and their family are fed and they can continue to sustain. So that’s where we wanted to start.”

Kotb was touched by the gesture, especially since she worked at a news station in New Orleans back in the nineties. After saying goodbye to Brees, Kotb proved that the human heart can only hold so much, and she began to cry.

“I know where your heart is, my dear, I do,” fellow Today host Savannah Guthrie said, noticing that her co-host and dear friend was having some trouble holding in her emotions any longer.

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Guthrie then went on to take over the next segment.

We love you Hoda.