Siblings Jack and Kelly Osbourne Square Off in Rap Battle (WATCH)

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Years ago, the world watched as siblings Kelly and Jack Osbourne would verbally spar with one another on the set of the wildly popular reality show The Osbournes. But never did we see them rap against one another, until now.

On the latest episode of the TNT show Drop the Mic, the brother and sister duo go back and forth with one another in an epic rap battle that seemed to bring up a few touchy subjects about each other. But in the end, the two seemed to get a mighty good laugh about it.

Heck, that’s what family is all about, right?

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It is nice to see the two smiling though, especially since their famous father Ozzy Osbourne has been in the news as of late as he recovers after being hospitalized for flu complications. Jack has also dealt with his share of health problems, having been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis back in 2012.

And while he certainly looks healthy these days, Jack notes in a recent interview that everyone’s experience with MS is different. You may recall that actress Selma Blair recently disclosed that she too has been diagnosed with MS.

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“The most common misconception is that people think you’re not so able-bodied when you have MS,” says Osbourne in a recent interview. “Either that, or they’ll assume you’re fine because you’re not in a wheelchair. I like to say that MS is as unique to the individual as their own fingerprint. The biggest thing is: Don’t just lump everyone under the umbrella of ‘This is MS’ because it really is so different for everyone.”