James Corden Said He Once Stole a Candle From Mariah Carey’s House Because She Kept Him Waiting for Hours


Typically, if you’re dealing with Mariah Carey, you have to be prepared to expect that she’s going to act like the diva we have all come to know and love. But, one person, James Corden, decided to teach Mariah a lesson, though he never told her about the lesson. Until now.

During a recent game of Spill Your Guts on his “Late Late Show,” Corden revealed that he once stole a candle from Carey because she kept him waiting for a long time, “This is completely true and I’ve never told anybody this. I once stole… a candle… from Mariah Carey’s house.I’ll tell you why, though. So, these candles, they say ‘Mariah Carey’ and there’s a butterfly on them. And we had gone to film this Christmas ‘Carpool Karaoke’, and I had to go to her house and we were going to film it from there. We were supposed to film at 3, and I was told, ‘get there at 4’. And [she’ll] probably be ready. And then I waited, just in her living room, until about 6.30. [I was] just on my own, and I thought, well… I’m going to take this candle for my time. And I still have it today.”

Carey replied to the revelation with Twitter.

Still no word from Corden on if he is going to give it back or not.