Jay-Z Weighs In On His Decision to Sit During the National Anthem at the Super Bowl


Music mogul Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé went to the recent Super Bowl and decided to sit during the National Anthem.

And people on Twitter didn’t like it one bit.

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“What a disgusting act of shame,” tweeted author Nick Adams on Sunday (Feb. 2.) “Beyoncé and Jay-Z remained seated during the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. This country has given them the opportunity to be everything they are, and they reward it by disgracing the Flag and Anthem! Our service heroes deserve more respect.”

“Beyoncé & Jay-Z (former crack dealer) sit for the national anthem because apparently the United States of America has oppressed them with millions upon millions of dollars & fans,” added conservative talker Tomi Lahren. “Sounds rough. Maybe they should try another country that allows them a little more freedom & success?”



In light of these and many other strong reactions, Jay-Z is now speaking out as to their decision to not stand for Demi Lovato’s rendition of the National Anthem before the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers in Miami, Florida.

“It actually wasn’t,” the 50-year-old rapper said during an appearance at Columbia University on Tuesday (Feb. 4,) according to reports. “ Sorry.”

He went on to say that him and his wife “immediately jumped into artist mode” during the performance.

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“I’m really just looking at the show,” explained Jay-Z, who’s company Roc Nation actually partnered with the National Football League to serve as co-producer of the halftime show which featured Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. “The mics start. Was it too low to start?”

“The whole time we’re sitting there, we’re talking about the performance. Then right after that, Demi comes out, and we’re talking about how beautiful she looks and how she sounds and what she’s gone through in her life for her to be on the stage,” he said during an interview at Columbia University on Tuesday. “We’re so proud of her. I didn’t have to make a silent protest. If you look at the stage, the artists that we chose, Colombian Shakira, Puerto Rican J-Lo. We were making the biggest loudest protest of all,” he added.

So what do you think? Was their decision to sit during the National Anthem just bad timing?