Jeff Daniels Wrote a Country Music Song Inspired By Ryan Reynolds and We’re Here For It


Jeff Daniels is a GRAMMY nomination away from a full EGOT of nominations, but thanks to everyone’s favorite muse, Ryan Reynolds, that nod might come sooner than later.

During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Daniels told Jimmy Fallon about a run-in with Reyolds that gave him the ammo to write the tune, “How ‘Bout We Take Our Pants Off And Relax?”

Daniels shared, “we were in a house in New York and we were walking down a skinny hallway and we did that thing where we both go towards each other and we did that thing where we both go the same way and you do that dance and you don’t know what to say… and Ryan goes, without missing a beat, ‘how ’bout we take our pants off and relax?'”

From there, Daniels said, “he said that and immediately I said, ‘that’s a song!’ and I had it written.”

It’s not bad. Not bad all.