Jennifer Lawrence’s Interview With Ellen DeGeneres Was the Greatest Interview of All-Time Ever

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Once upon a time, during an interview with Glamour, Jennifer Lawrence said her signature scent is red wine. I never really believed that until this week. During an interview with Stephen Colbert, J. Law got a little drunk on rum and just started talking she covered Harvey Weinstein, her new movie, politics, haters and her alter-ego, Gail.

Lawrence’s interview with Colbert, led her interview with Ellen DeGeneres on “The Ellen Show” to not only best her interview with Colbert, but it was quite possibly one of the greatest interviews of all-time. Ever.

DeGeneres wasted no time in getting into Lawrence’s head. As soon as she asked her one question about her new movie, “Red Sparrow,” DeGeneres mentioned that Lawrence is now on vacation and can drink rum and tell the world more about her alter-ego, Gail.

DeGeneres brought out a tray full of rum drinks and Lawrence said, “no, I can’t. I can’t. Okay, I’ll have this one.” And without hesitation threw up a giant, terrible picture of a drunk Lawrence on vacation.



Lawrence tried to explain that Gail has a heart of gold, but she tends to be a little aggressive. After a terrible story about Gail eating worms on vacation, DeGeneres threw up another picture of Lawrence being a little drunk, but this time it was on a red carpet at a movie premiere. This time, instead of casually laughing it off, Lawrence literally jumped out of her seat and screamed, “Nooooo. Please take it away.”



Lawrence explained that before this photo she had gotten drunk with Andy Cohen and tried to sober up before her interview with Colbert, but that didn’t work out and this happened:


It’s likely that the only person who didn’t love this interview is Lawrence’s publicist and she’s probably pretty excited for Lawrence and Gail to actually go on vacation.