Jessica Simpson Reveals She Shared a Kiss With Justin Timberlake

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Every time we think we know everything about Jessica Simpson, we find out something else.

And yes, this one is a doozy.

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During an interview with Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday (Jan. 29,) the singer and actress revealed that shortly after her divorce from Nick Lachey back in 2006, she found herself in a room with Justin Timberlake.

And yes, they kissed.

“After divorce and he was out of a relationship, he was, like, over at my house, we shared a nostalgic kiss, but I thought, ‘Oh, this is interesting,'” recalled Simpson, who includes the story in her new book Open Book. “And he took his phone out and started typing. And I was like, ‘Okay, I hope that’s not, like, another girl. Like, did I, like, stick my tongue out too much or, you know?'”

Ends up, though, that this wasn’t necessarily a love connection. It ended up that Timberlake actually had made a bet years before with Ryan Gosling to see who would be the first person to kiss Simpson.

“But apparently him andRyan Gosling had a bet on who would kiss me first when they were 12-years-old,” she continued. “And so, he texted Ryan and said he won the bet. And I was like, ‘Oh, okay. Um…So we don’t kiss again. That’s done.'”

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In fact, Simpson said that Gosling was the one she was interested in.

“Ryan was the one that I was, like…when I was 12, I was, like, ‘This guy is so cool and he’s from Canada,” she dished. “I don’t know where that is on the map, but I really think that that’s amazing.’ And there was something so cute about him. But Justin won the bet.”