Jimmy Buffet Took “The Tonight Show” To Margaritaville And No One Was More Excited Than Jimmy Fallon


Jimmy Fallon is excitable. He sees the world is bright colors where everything is “awesome” and “the best.” But he has never been as excited as he was when he met Jimmy Buffett. It was like watching a kid go to Disney World for the first time.

As buffet calmly explained his “active living” communities, a continued fun community for retirees, Jimmy announced that he was moving there, even though he is 12 years too young to be allowed in. “Go to college, see the world, then come back,” Buffett joked.

Buffett then explained his Broadway show, “Escape to Margaritaville,” a vertical tailgating event for people looking to get away in the heart of New York City. The show broke the house record for liquor sales and ran out of triple sec the first night. They then broke their own sales record the second night. It was hard to tell who was more excited about that.

To top things off, Buffett pulled out a guitar and led the audience in a “Margaritaville” sing along. It looked like it was the most fun Fallon has had in a long time.