Jimmy Fallon and Christina Aguilera Go Undercover to Busk on NYC Subway Platform

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If you’re familiar with the New York City subway, you know that on any given day you’re bound to hear buskers playing music on the platforms, hoping for donations. So Jimmy Fallon had the idea to dress in disguise and bring pop star Christina Aguilera to the subway to busk on the platform.

Jimmy, dressed in a long-haired wig, beard, sunglasses and a hat and Christina, covered with a floppy hat and sunglasses, headed to the 50th Street subway station below Rockefeller Center where the performed Aretha Franklin’s “Think.” When Christina started to belt out the R&B hit, a crowed began to form, amazed by her vocal prowess.  

After cheers and applause for the unknown singer erupted, Jimmy then announced that the duo wanted to do one more song. But this time, he took off his disguise and introduced Christina Aguilera, who removed her hat and glasses.

The crowd went crazy as the stood with shocked looks on their faces. No one expected Christina Aguilera to be busking in the subway station. Christina then broke into her own hit, “Fighter,” as more and more people packed the platform for the mini concert.

This isn’t the first time the late night talk show host pulled off such a surprise. Both Maroon 5 and Miley Cyrus took to the subway platform for a little busking of their own in 2017. 

Christina’s new album, Liberation, dropped Friday, June 15.