We Dare You Not To Laugh at the Demi Moore, Jimmy Fallon, Justin Hartley and Mark Ronson Law Firm Commercial


It never ceases to amaze us, the shenanigans that  Jimmy Fallon gets his celebrity guests to participate in. Jimmy’s latest segment combines the talent of Demi Moore, Justin Hartley and Mark Ronson doing a cold read in an old school law firm commercial.

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The law firm? The Law offices of Moore, Hartley, Ronson and Fallon of course.

Jimmy introduced the sketch by claiming the four went to law school together and worked at the same law firm back in the ’80s. Go figure.

“We even shot some commercials for it. But to keep our line readings fresh our director wouldn’t let us see the lines until we were shooting,” Jimmy shared to introduce the clip. “We were just reading them for the first time live. Well. I found one of our old commercials. So here for the first time in decades is an ad for the law offices of Moore, Hartley Ronson and Fallon. ”

“Moore, Hartley, Ronson and Fallon is a team you can trust. Are we the best lawyers in the world? No,” Jimmy begins the commercial in character. “But are we the worst lawyers in the world? Absolutely.”

Then it’s Demi’s turn who tried to tell everyone she went to Harvard law school but in reality meant she got an online degree at University of Phoenix.

Justin Hartley couldn’t even speak proper English and thanked his daddy for his job. Mark Ronson sued Pringles and lost and guarantees he can  do the same for us.

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But it was the way the actors read their lines and the laughter they broke out into trying to keep a straight face. You can’t help but laugh. One thing is for sure, Moore, Hartley, Ronson and Fallon didn’t last very long. Just ask Carol between the hours of 1:00 and 1:15pm on Monday.