Jimmy Fallon Ate Olive Garden for the First Time Ever and It Was Hilarious

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It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t been blessed by the deliciousness that is Olive Garden— but apparently, Jimmy Fallon, the man who has seemingly done it all, had never actually eaten at an Olive Garden in his entire life…until now.

Rapper and recording artist Post Malone took Jimmy Fallon to Olive Garden to show him the ways of the OG world— starting, of course, with the breadsticks.

“Holy moly…and these are free?,” Jimmy says after trying his first Olive Garden breadstick.

Soon after, the waitress brought out the big bowl of iconic Olive Garden salad. “I heard the salad is good here as well,” Jimmy said.

“Well, it’s free. It’s unlimited,” Post Malone informed him.

“Wait, what?! What do you pay for here?!” Jimmy asked.

Jimmy then told the waitress that it was Post’s birthday (which it wasn’t), at which time they brought out a free cake and sang him Happy Birthday. But the best part of the entire outing was when Jimmy told Post Malone that he had been given the trademarked slogan, “When You’re Here, You’re Family” from Olive Garden and that he wanted to pass it on to Post Malone.

We’d call this an incredibly successful first Olive Garden outing.