Jimmy Fallon’s Turkey Day Tradition Hashtag Proves Your Family Isn’t So Weird


We all know our families can be weird — but as it turns out, yours is likely a lot more normal than others.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Jimmy Fallon put out the hashtag #TurkeyDayTradition, asking people to share their weirdest, funniest and most bizarre Thanksgiving traditions— and boy did people deliver.


“My mom makes us get up at 4 am to ‘dance’ with the raw turkey, holding it by its wings and legs, because it ‘tenderizes the turkey before it goes in the oven.’ 33 years now. Just dancing with a turkey.”

“My dad, brother and grandpa always fight over the turkey neck. To settle it, my grandma throws it over her head backward and has them try to catch it like a bridal bouquet.”

“My family has a tradition called “HAM SLAP,” where you take a piece of ham and slap an unsuspecting family member in the face with it while yelling, YOU JUST GOT HAM SLAPPED!”

“Every time someone gets nostalgic and says, “Do you remember…” my twin brother and I meet in the kitchen and secretly do a shot. It makes hearing the same old stories way more fun.”

“One time a random guy showed up to our house because he typed the wrong address into his GPS. We liked him so much that we’ve invited him back every year since.”

“A tradition we’re trying to break is that the last few years my 90-year-old grandma has come downstairs on Thanksgiving morning, without pants, saying, ‘This old bird wants some bird!'”

“Each person in my family gets a personal pumpkin pie before dinner starts. During a random point at dinner, my grandma will say ‘Pumpkin Pie’ in a slow, southern accent, and the last one to stick their face in their pie has to clean the table after dinner.”

“One year my cousin brought his vegetarian girlfriend and she made us give the turkey a name and have a moment of silence before eating it…Eugene was delicious.”