Jimmy Fallon and Wife Nancy Weigh in on Past Fertility Struggles: ‘If It’s for my Family, I’ll Do Anything’


The continuing spread of coronavirus has left many time to ponder life in a way like never before, including none other than Jimmy Fallon.

During a recent episode of The Tonight Show: At Home Edition, Fallon and his wife of 12 years Nancy Juvonen did just that, taking the time to reflect on the fertility struggles that plagued them when they were trying to have children.

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“At a certain point it had to almost become a job because it’s way too emotional to live emotionally through that,” Juvonen confessed during a portion of the show called Ask the Fallons. “So you just keep going and going and going, and if you really want something, you just make it happen. And you have all of these things where you go, ‘Yeah, but I would never do that. Yes, but I would never to that, but I would never …’ Then, all the sudden, you’re like, ‘Hey, I’ll do that. If it’s for my family, I’ll do anything.’”

“Gosh, that was just crazy,” Fallon added. “That was nuts. At one point, it was just shots and things and drinking weird teas, remember that one?”

Of course, now the two are blessed to have daughters Winnie and Franny, but they are well aware of the many couples who continue to struggle with their dreams of having children.

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“I think if anyone’s out there having the dream, do not give up,” concluded Juvonen.  “Because I realized, too, that unlike even becoming a multibillionaire, you can stumble upon a lottery ticket and win it and win the lottery — but you will not ever stumble upon a child that you can love and have as your family. So, don’t give up!”