Jimmy Kimmel Shares Hilarious Gender Reveal Videos With A Special Twist of His Own


 With gender reveal parties becoming the new “it” thing to do these days, Jimmy Kimmel is giving us a look at the odd ways people choose to reveal if they having a boy or a girl. 

A gender reveal party, if you are unfamiliar, is when expecting parents have a party to reveal the sex of their baby with pink or blue, smoke, cakes, balloons, whatever it may be. More and more people are finding strange ways to make the reveal happen. Jimmy said it best when he said, “In the old days you know what they used to call a gender reveal party? Birth.”

But today, there are many ways to let people know the sex of your baby, and they seem to be getting more and more dangerous and outrageous just so folks can capture the moment on video and share on social media. 

Jimmy and his staff combed the internet for just such videos. They didn’t have to look far since the world wide web is full of gender reveal vides. The late show compiled a slew of gender reveal videos for our viewing pleasure and added their own touch to a some wold and crazy videos toward the end. You just have to laugh.