John Krasinski Hilariously Pranks Jimmy Kimmel (Again)


Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel and The Office star John Krasinski both have careers that you would think would keep them quite busy. Yet, the two seem to have plenty of time for one thing – pranks.

On the Tuesday (Oct. 16) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the two took a trip down memory lane to reminisce on years spent pranking one another. It all started when the two used to live across the street from each other and would prank each other via the use of Christmas decorations.

But this year’s prank may have ended up being one of the most epic, as Krasinski decided to welcome Kimmel to his temporary home in Brooklyn with all sorts of holiday decorations and inflatables. Heck, he even employed a choir to sing from the steps of the home, proclaiming to everyone the building code to get in.

“I think this is illegal,” Kimmel said, which Krasinski quickly agreed with. “Well, it’s funny you would say that, John. Because I also know where you live, I wish I was more prepared. I do know where you live but I didn’t do anything! It’s not even Christmastime… I guess, thank you. I guess we’ll be staying at your house tonight, probably?”