Joanna Gaines Stuns as the Cover Model for the Latest Issue of Her Magazine Magnolia Journal

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We always knew Joanna Gaines was beautiful, but just how beautiful  she is is on full display for her most  recent magazine cover.

In an Instagram post shared Tuesday (Nov. 5,) the former Fixer Upper star shared a sneak peek at the cover of the winter issue of Magnolia Journal. In the image, Gaines looks downright ravishing in a formal black dress in front of a gorgeously adorned fireplace.

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“In our winter issue, we’re talking about what it means to live with resolve,” the mother of five writes alongside the breathtaking picture. “Resolving to look beyond the surface of things, for better or worse, past the messiness, the rough-around-the-edges parts of our lives. This is how we get to discover our untapped potential, our own diamonds in the rough. In all of these things, I am still learning that it’s a daily choice. But I’ve come to believe that it’s a journey worth pursuing, and I hope this issue might help point us there.”

Gaines certainly has had her hands full as of late, both professionally and personally. Since welcoming their fifth child back in 2018, Gaines and her husband Chip have been getting ready to debut their own television network in 2020 and open a new hotel in their hometown of Waco, Texas in 2021.

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But in true Gaines fashion, she remains in the moment as much as possible.

“Some of us are sad another year is ending, and others can’t wait for it to be over already,” Gaines writes in the new issue of Magnolia Journal, according to People magazine. “But for now, for today, we can resolve to see our lives as richer than any past or future things. Right now, this very second, this is the gift. These are the days. These are the moments.”