The Back and Forth Between Khloe Kardashian and Jordyn Woods Continues: ‘I Don’t Do Subliminals’

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It’s the holiday season, but it sure doesn’t look like Jordyn Woods and Khloe Kardashian are going to be getting along anytime soon.

The pair’s back and forth originally began when the two found themselves in the middle of a cheating scandal, with Woods being accused of having a relationship with Kardashian’s husband Tristan Thompson. And from that point on, seemingly everything that Woods shares on social media seems to be getting misconstrued by so-called fans.

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Fans jumped at Jordyn when she posted a simple saying, “An apple a day keeps the haters away.. or sum like that.” Followers assumed she was speaking of Khloe, but Jordyn attempted to clear the air.

“I just got home from doing press and I realize, y’all arms must be really, really tired from reaching,” the model said in her Instagram story on Wednesday (Dec. 11) according to Entertainment Tonight. “Like, I can’t even eat an apple in peace. And let me tell you something, I don’t do subliminals, I do general statements and if I have something to say about someone or to someone, Imma say it to them or not at all. If y’all are tired of this, I’m exhausted. Let’s move on. It’s all love. It’s all good.”

This all comes at the very same time that Woods took a lie detector test on an episode of Red Table Talk, which said that she was telling the truth when she said that she had never had sex with Thompson. Following that test, Khloe took to Instagram with a cryptic posts that followers took as shading Jordyn.

“Being nice is honestly so hard when everyone is so stupid,” Khloe posted. “Liars are always ready to take oaths.” In a subsequent post she wrote, “Never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter or broken. Hush until you’re healed.”

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C’mon girls. This has been going on for months. And gosh almighty, there are children involved.  Can’t we all just get along?